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Want to Know How to
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Focus on Prayer--
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You'll find everything from Why Pray? through Prayer Essentials and Specific Prayers.  Learn more about Spiritual Warfare. In addition to the information found here on the web site, you'll also find chapters about:

  • Are You Ready to Remove Any Obstacles Between You and Complete Faith?
  • Are You Under Attack Without Realizing It?
  • Do You Need To Hear From God?
  • Are You Sure God is Listening to You?
  • What are You Absolutely, Positively Sure Of?
  • Talking to God for New Believers
  • Are You Using the Remarkable Tools God Has Given Us to Get Closer to Him?
  • Who Else Wants to Know How to Meet God?
  • Do You Really Need to Get Yourself Out of God's Way?
  • Are You Ready to Surrender to God?
  • Our Daddy
  • Has God Stopped Talking to You?
  • Are There Demons on Your Back?


Focus on Prayer--the Book is available in two formats: a paperback that is over 200 pages or an electronic book or eBook, available for instant download on your computer.

Focus on Prayer book

Learn how to pray!

To purchase a copy of the paperback, click here.

To receive a copy of the Focus on Prayer eBook, please make a donation of any amount. Or contact us for a copy at no charge.

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