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The Atheist and the Bear


 prayer in time of need                                             An atheist walking through the forest alone was suddenly standing face to face with a  grizzly bear.  The bear rose on his hind legs, one huge paw raised, ready to strike.  The atheist cried out, “Oh, God!” 

Everything froze and fell silent.  A bright light shone on him and a Voice boomed from far above, “So now, after years of denying I even exist, you call on me in a time of need?” 

The atheist nodded.  “I guess that is kind of hypocritical of me, to ask you to treat me like a Christian.  Maybe you could make the bear a Christian.” 

“Very well,” said the Voice. 

The light went out.  Everything resumed as it had been. 

The bear lowered his upraised paw and brought it together with his other paw as he dropped to his knees and bowed his head.  “Lord, I thank you for this food which I am about to receive. Amen.”


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