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Prayer Requests
and Praises

It is an honor and a blessing to pray on behalf of other people. It's something we cherish and do not take lightly.

Submit your prayer requests to us here, using the form below, or just send us an email. Please provide as much information as you feel comfortable sharing.
For instance, names are helpful, but the full name isn't necessary;
first names will suffice.

We have received hundreds of prayer requests. They are all treated the same way. Your prayer will be passed along to our team of intercessors.
In some cases, we may respond via email to your specific request.

All information is confidential. We will not sell, give away, or share your email address.
See our privacy statement for more information.

Thank you.


Prayer Request
First names only are fine. We need your email address for any response we may send you.

Or just send an email to:



We love to give glory to God for the work He does in our lives. 
Feel free to let us know how God has answered your prayers. Our intercessors share your joy. 
"I have a praise report...I printed that prayer you prayed for me and kept on diligently praying and two weeks ago to this day, my husband renounced his membership, wrote the lodge a letter and told them to take him off the roll, and destroyed all things that were in our home that were affiliated with that. GLORY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!!" 
"Thank you, Susan, for your prayer. God bless!" 
"...What a wonderful prayer! It made me cry and smile at the same time."
"I'm glad God put you in my reach. Please continue to pray for us." 
"God is working in answer to your prayers. Thanks." 
"Thank you...I will be moving back home with my husband in a few days." 
"God bless you, precious sister, for standing with me in prayer. I just wept as I read this prayer." 
"This is beautiful." 
"...such a beautiful prayer that fits our need." 


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