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Contact and Support

If you have been helped by something on this website...

      People have asked us about supporting this website and its ministry. The most important way for you to support Focus on Prayer is through your prayers for us. We highly value our brothers and sisters lifting us up to the Lord. We encourage you to pray that we will continue to hear the Lord's voice and that He will grant us the courage and grace to follow Him wherever He leads. Please also pray that the Lord will use this work to draw others to Himself and to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

      Our family is financially supported by the work of this ministry. Joe has written several books: Ever Surrender is the first in a triolgy of Christian suspense thrillers. The 11 Day Path--Overcoming Stumbling Blocks to Belief helps readers learn the answers to difficult questions about God, Jesus, Christianity, and the Bible. Focus on Prayer is a compendium of the information on this website. All are available online, through this website or at Any material you purchase from Amazon or via the links in this website also helps us. You don't pay any more; we just get the credit for referring you to them. Just go here.

      Another way for you to support the work of this ministry is to share it with your friends and family. Tell them about the website and the books. Ask them to spread the word as well. Word of mouth has been the most effective way to build God's Kingdom since the time of Jesus.

      We currently give freely of our time to work with individuals who seek inner healing of emotional wounds and painful memories. We also do some teaching and discipling, primarily through our local church in the areas of prayer, inner healing, and learning to have direct experiences of our living, risen Lord. You can learn more about these aspects of our ministry at Surrendered Lives Ministries.

      Of course, direct monetary donation is another way to support this ministry. You may contribute online using the PayPal button below, even if you don't have a PayPal account. Feel free to send gifts to Surrendered Lives, P.O. Box 893, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055.



We greatly need and appreciate your prayers, your help in sharing our ministry's work,
and your gifts.

May the Lord bless you for your support.

 Please feel free to contact us about anything except Prayer Requests. For those, you can go here.

Send email to:



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