Focus on Prayer



Acceptance of God's Grace

        Heavenly Father,

        I ask that You move in my heart and mind to grow in the depth and breadth of my understanding of Your grace, Your sovereignty, and Your absolute truth.  LORD, please move in my life and draw near to me so that I will desire to draw ever nearer to You.

        Please begin the work of rewiring the belief system in my brain to get rid of the lies I've accepted and tend to live by. I ask that You shower Your grace down upon me in a personal and profound way. Please help me to accept Your truth and Your Word for all of humanity and for me in particular.

        Lift the veil of spiritual fog and transform my blindness of pride into crystal clear vision of You and Your divine Word.

        I pray this in the name of and by the power of Jesus Christ.





"Find out about prayer.  Someone must find out about prayer."

--Albert Einstein


"He prayeth best who loveth best /All things, great and small."

--Samuel Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner


"In prayer, it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart."

--John Bunyan