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        If you long for a closer relationship with God, prayer is the place to begin.  Many people don't pray at all--or don't feel like they're praying--because they're afraid they don't know how.  So they're reciting memorized prayers, like the Lord's Prayer, or reading prayers others have written.  Christian prayer can be so much more.  We believe your prayer life can be far beyond what you're experiencing now.  If you yearn to hear from God and connect with Him in a meaningful, direct way--true two-way communication--you've come to the right place. Prayer works; you can learn how to pray effectively.


We're fellow travelers along the spiritual path, driven by a burning desire for relationship with God through Jesus Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We've found some things that help us and help others. We hope they'll be of help to you.                 

     Why pray at all is a pretty basic place to start your exploration.  If God knows everything and if He controls everything and if His will is done, what are we trying to accomplish by going to Him?  And then there are all the different types of prayer: praise and thanksgiving, petition and supplication, contrition and confession.  How about intercessory, healing, contemplative?  Of course, for each type of prayer, there are methods for how to get the most out of it whether you're trying centering prayer, prayer walking, or even lectio divina

     We also explore the use of specific prayers like the Lord's Prayer, the Serenity Prayer, or the Sinner's Prayer, among others.  There may be a role for some of these prayers in your life.  Similar to lectio divina, or praying the scriptures, you may find that these "pre-made" prayers act as a launching pad to something infinitely deeper than the recitation of words.  

     One aspect of Christianity sometimes overlooked is Spiritual Warfare.  We address the truth about the Spiritual Warfare battlefield.  We are spiritual beings living, temporarily, in physical bodies.  What appears to be our physical world actually exists in the midst of a spiritual universe.  And it is a battlefield; Ephesians 6:12 makes that clear.  In that battle, we are given weapons to resist the attacks of the enemy. (Ephesians 6:11-18)  We have some specific information for you that many have found helpful.

     Because of the wonderful results that prayer can bring, there's always the danger that it can wind up taking the place in our hearts that God should have.  By that I mean the tool of prayer and the results it brings become our focus. What God is providing and what we ask Him to provide becomes more important than God Himself.
     He loves up because of who we are, not what we do. We ought to love Him the same way: for Who He is, not what He does for us.
     That loving relationship must always remain the true focus of our prayers.


    So please feel free to explore this web site and take whatever you need to improve your relationship with your Heavenly Father. People from more than 140 countries across the globe and from every state in the United States already have. Join them.

  • In our What's New section, we share the latest news, information, tips and techniques to deepen, enhance and strengthen your relationship with God. It's also a place where you can send direct feedback.
  • If you have a personal prayer request, we've set up a confidential page just for you. A team of intercessors is at your disposal.
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  • And check out our Resources area for a wide variety of items that can help you with your prayer life.
  • If you enjoy Christian fiction, especially suspenseful thrillers, be sure to check out Ever Surrender, the first in a trilogy. 
  • And if you know someone struggling with faith and belief--friend, family, loved one, be sure to see The 11 Day Path--Overcoming Stumbling Blocks to Belief.


Most important of all, if you've decided to invite Jesus into your heart and your life right now,
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You can read everything else later.


Finally, if you'd like the convenience of having most of the material on this web site--and more--in the form of an eBook or a paperback, that's available as well.

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